总经理  宋纪元    

The statements of General Manager

Energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy are the national strategic emerging industries and the 19th CPC National Congress points out the direction for its development in a new era. Dong Shi Kai Neng, relying on the powerful strength of platform of Dongguan Industry Group, is committed to the new industry to become a big high-tech enterprise which pursues the "low-carbon and high efficiency and green dreams," and aims to achieve the goal of "gorgeous environment and wonderful blueprint".
Practice the mission and make it happen.We need to seize the opportunity of the state to continue to attach importance to the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, and combine with the requirements of "13th Five-Year" energy-saving environmental protection industry development planning to make sure that the energy management advantages of energy efficiency in energy conservation areas are made solid, and gradually expand the scale of operation to achieve rolling development. At the same time, we will expand the business of solid waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal, municipal waste generation, sludge disposal and distributed energy.
Inherit the causes of our predecessors, forge ahead into the future and bravely stand at the forefront. First of all, we need actively promote the combination between the industry and achieve the capital marketization. Relying on Dongguan Industry Group and through project financing, environmental acquisition fund and other financing methods, we can solve the huge capital demand in energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy in the future.
Secondly, We need clarify the strategic development goals of Dong Shi Kai Neng,integrate the cooperation advantages of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, and carefully build management and professional technical teams. In line with the spirit of "innovation and self-improvement, virtuousness and integrity", we will promote the development and application of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies and new energy technologies, and promote the rapid and healthy growth of enterprises.
Third, we will strive to strengthen energy efficiency in three to five years, establish a foothold in the environmental protection industry, set up a new flag and become a leading enterprise in the field of solid waste in the domestic energy conservation and environmental protection industry within five to ten years.
The sky is blue, the wind is clear and anything returns to what it belongs to.We need to seize the historical opportunity, strive for innovation, keep lengthening the industrial chain vertically, gather the resources of the industrial elements horizontally, and plan in the fields of solid waste disposal, waste heat generation, distributed energy and other fields.In addition, we will continuously improve the core competitiveness of Dong Shi Kai Neng, with excellent engineering and technology accumulation, and serve the customers with sincerity and mutual benefit to make great efforts to construct a beautiful China and achieve that sky becomes blue, ground becomes green and water becomes clear.

Song Jiyuan, General Manager of     
Guangdong Dong Shi Kai Neng Energy Co., Ltd.