企业使命 Corporate Mission

-低碳高效 绿色梦想 锦天绣地 至美蓝图

Low carbon and high efficiency with the green dream. Gorgeous environment with wonderful blueprint


企业愿景 Corporate Vision


Become a leading technology investor and operator in China in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy


企业精神 Corporate Spirit

-创新自强 厚德诚信 艰苦奋斗 追求卓越

Innovation and self-improvement,virtuousness and integrity


核心价值观 Core Values

-以人为本 拼搏奉献 服务客户 奉献社会

People-oriented struggle, dedication and service to customers, dedication to society


发展目标 Development Goals


To become stronger and bigger, it will become a leading enterprise in solid waste treatment industry in China in 2025.